Professional Handmade Reeds

Bassoon Cane

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Professional Oboe Reeds $30.00

Handmade by a professional oboist, these reeds have excellent response, play very well in tune, do not require a lot of effort to produce a beautiful tone, and are extremely reliable.  Perfect for intermediate and advanced players.

Professional Bassoon Reeds, Christlieb and Yoshi Shape $28.00

​Beautiful in both sound and appearance!  Our reeds play in tune with excellent response and projection in all ranges. Hand made by Barry Trent.  Perfect for bassoonists of all abilities! Custom shapes and colors available upon request! 

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Aria Double Reeds LLC | Olney,MD |
Rigotti - $25.00

Gouged and Shaped Cane

Made from Argendonax cane from Argentina, one of the world's leading producers of cane for bassoons and other woodwind instruments.

 All of our bassoon cane is processed by hand to meticulous specifications using top-of-the-line equipment.

 All cane is sold in bundles of 10.  


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Yoshi Shape - $45.00

​Gouged Cane

Fox #2 Shape - $25.00

Made from Medir cane ​from Catalonia in Spain, cane of excellent quality since 1915.

Don Christlieb Shape - $45.00

Gouged, Shaped, and Profiled Cane

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