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Fox 240 #28889 in excellent condition.  Freshly serviced, this 240 belonged to a member of the Indianapolis Symphony for many years.  Beautifully maintained, this bassoon plays with a open, warm, and round tone that the 240 is known for.  Includes Fox *CVX* #2 and #3 bocals and original hard case and Altieri case cover.  


Fox 601 #28674 in excellent condition. Price Reduced!  This is a great 601!  Just serviced and ready to go!  This 601 has a superbly-full sound and a very fast response.  Great intonation across all ranges.  Comes with a Heckel CD1 bocal and original Fox hard case.


Our Used Bassoons

Fox 222 #24865 in excellent condition.  Just back from service.  A very nice 222 introductory model instrument that will really suit the younger player very well.  Comes with a plateau key for the left hand third finger.  Includes Fox C1 and C2 bocals and the original Fox hard case. 


Fox 240 #43384 in excellent condition.  Fresh from servicing, this 240 is in tip-top shape and is playing beautifully.  Warm and resonant tone with an even scale, this is a 240 to have!  Includes Fox *CVX* #2 and #3 bocals and original hard case and cover.  


Fox 201 #15957 in near mint condition.  This 201 looks like it was made yesterday!  It has been extremely well taken care of by an attentive and caring professional player.  This lovely bassoon plays with a sweet tone and excellent response.   Includes a Heckel VCD1R  bocal and Fox *CTC* 2 bocal and the original Fox hard case.


Moosmann 150E #7257 in like-new condition.  Made in 2011, this Moosmann plays with a beautifully characteristic bassoon sound and wonderful intonation!  Serviced by Keith Bowen in 2016.  Significant upgrades include the addition of left hand whisper key lock to coincide with the right hand lock, replacing the left hand third finger tone hole insert with a sterling silver water tube, and extensive time was spent on voicing and tuning.  Includes Moosmann A1W and A2W bocals, balance hanger, and a Bam carbon fiber case with backpack straps.