Loree AK #OU41 in excellent condition. This instrument was originally purchased by Nathan Hughes, Principal Oboist of the Metropolitan Opera and faculty member of The Juilliard School. It was very lightly played in the last seven years, and was recently fully serviced. This oboe has a beautiful tone and intonation. 


Fox 300 #14955 ​in excellent condition.  This is a fine example of Fox's full-resin body professional oboes. Ideal for the oboist who has outdoor gigs or someone who is looking for stability from fluctuations in  temperature and humidity.  Plays with a sweet sound and quick response.    



Loree #CP78 in great condition​ The C series Loree oboes are known for their beautiful and lyrical sound. The sound on this oboe is truly magnificent. It was very well maintained and comes with a brand new case.  


Howarth XL in Cocobolo #5015 in excellent condition.  This beautiful instrument is a fine example of the craftsmanship of Howarth's professional oboes.  The cocobolo wood is a lighter, lower-density wood that produces a warm, rich tone with a distinctive timbre.  Comes with original Howarth case.       



Our Used Oboes

Buffet Crampon oboe model 4052 ​in great condition.  This intermediate oboe is made of grenadilla wood with a lining inside to prevent cracks. This oboe was lightly used in the last several years and is perfect for any intermediate level oboist. 



Loree oboe SS74 in good condition This oboe was built in 1926 and originally owned by Los Angeles Philharmonic oboist Joseph Rizzo. It was purchased by his student who kept the oboe extremely cared for and well-maintained for over sixty years. The oboe was just fully serviced, has a sweet sound, and is a fine example of the beautiful craftsmanship of the early Loree oboes. Comes with the original case signed by Joseph Rizzo and a new Protec case. 


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Fox 330 #11664 in great condition. This oboe had only one owner and was just fully serviced. It has a nice open sound and plays very well in tune. A wonderful oboe for any beginning or intermediate oboist!



Loree AK #MP97 in excellent condition. This oboe has a sweet sound, even scale, and was well-cared for by only one owner. Recently fully serviced and comes with a Jean Caballaro case.