*CTX* #2 ​$250.00

CD1  $1000.00

VCD3 Gold/Bronze $799.00

​VCC1  $1000.00

CC1  $1000.00

For questions about bocals or to see individual pictures please contact us!

*CVC* R2 #3 ​$600.00

The R2 is the newest line of bocals from Fox.  They are more resonant and play with an even tone throughout the range of the instrument.


Bassoon Bocals -  Fox Bocals ON SALE!

*CVC* #3 $250.00

New Heckel Bocals

All new Heckel bocals will be plated in German silver in the traditional S bend.

Aria Double Reeds is thrilled to announce that we are now carrying new Heckel bassoon bocals! We currently have new CC1, CD1, VCC1, VCD1 bocals in stock. We will happily order any new bocal in any variety and size to meet your specific needs. All bocal trials are free!  Contact us to set up a trial today!

A truly fantastic bocal!  It was chosen by a group of professional bassoonists at the Leitzinger competition at Bard College in January 2017.  And, most important of all,  the group included Stephan Leitzinger himself!  Don't miss out on this chance to get a like-new bocal at a reduced price!  

Pre-Owned Leitzinger Platinum Bocal - CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICE!

Pre-Owned Heckel Bocals

​VCD1  $1000.00

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Heckel Bocal Markings Cheat Sheet
Thick Wall - C and CC
Thin Wall - CD

Hard Silver - C ("Z" Alloy)

​Soft Silver - CC ("N" Alloy)

V - Particularly suited for older Heckel instruments.  Tends to raise pitch in tenor register and better response in the high register. 

XL Bocals are Heckel’s modern version of the pre-war bocal bore.  Excellent on Fox bassoons, especially Renards!