Fox 220 #16524 in good condition. This 220 was built in 1990 and has a lovely warm tone.  Solid intonation and response throughout the range of the instrument.  Comes with *CVX* #1 and C1 bocals, corked tenons, and original Fox hard case.    


Fox 201 #15957 in near mint condition.  Reduced Price!  This 201 looks like it was made yesterday!  Built in 1989, this bassoon has been extremely well taken care of by an attentive and caring professional player.  This lovely bassoon plays with a sweet tone and excellent response.   Includes a Heckel VCD1R  bocal and Fox *CTC* 2 bocal and the original Fox hard case.


Fox 220 #27241 in excellent condition. This 220 was built in 1998 and is just back from being serviced.  It's in great shape and plays excellently, with a warm tone and even scale throughout the range of the instrument.  Comes with new corked tenons, Fox C#1 bocal and original Fox hard case. 


Fox Model III #55521 in excellent condition  This bassoon was built in 2013 and is a great instrument for anyone looking for a professional level instrument at a less than professional price.  The body is made of polypropylene, making this bassoon a great option for pros who have to play outdoors or anyone looking for a sturdy instrument that won't change with the weather or humidity.  Includes CVX R2 bocals #2 and 3, all new accessories, and professional Kolbl case.   


Fox 660 #42060 in excellent condition.  A special bassoon indeed!  This bassoon belongs to Truman Harris, Assistant Principal bassoonist with the National Symphony Orchestra.  This bassoon was personally selected from eight available model 660s at the Fox factory in 2006.  Serious inquires should contact us for a complete list of the key options on this instrument.  There are too many to list here.  This fantastic instrument comes with a Heckel VCC1 bocal that Mr. Harris used in performances with the NSO, a Fox *CVX* #1 bocal, balance hanger, original Fox compact design hard case, and a Marcus Bonna compact case.  


Aria Double Reeds LLC | Olney, MD | 202-810-ARIA |

Fox 260 #57214 in excellent condition.  Build in 2014, this wonderful 260 was originally sold by Aria Double Reeds to a college student who has decided to pursue another path.  They have asked us to help sell the bassoon for them and we are more than happy to oblige.  The bassoon plays with a warm, full tone and great response throughout the range.  Includes corked tenons, Mark Ortwein balance hanger and low C#/D# trill, CTC R2 bocals #2 and #3, and Tuttti Fagotti case.  The finish is a beautiful light mahogany color.      


Fox 240 #30849 in excellent condition.  Built in 2000, this 240 is ready for a new home.  Warm, full tone, even scale, all the hallmarks of a great 240.  Comes with *CVX* 2 and *CVX* R2 #3 bocals, and original Fox hard case with case cover.


Our Used Bassoons

Fox 222D #35026 in excellent condition.  Built in 2002, this is a fine 222D that would be great for any budding bassoonist.  Freshly serviced, this bassoon displays excellent response and an even, dark tone throughout the range of the instrument.  Includes plateau key for left hand third finger, corked wing joint tenon, *CVX* #2 and 3 bocals, and original Fox hard case.    


Fox 220 #46086 in excellent condition.  Built in 2008, this is a lovely 220 that is fun and easy to play.  A warm tone coupled with a quick response and excellent intonation make this a terrific bassoon.  Includes Fox *CVX* #2 and 3 bocals, and original Fox hard case and cover. 


Moosmann 150E #7257 in like-new condition. Special Sale Pricing!  Made in 2011, this Moosmann plays with a beautifully characteristic bassoon sound and wonderful intonation!  Serviced by Keith Bowen in 2016.  Significant upgrades include the addition of left hand whisper key lock to coincide with the right hand lock, replacing the left hand third finger tone hole insert with a sterling silver water tube, and extensive time was spent on voicing and tuning.  Includes Moosmann A1W and A2W bocals, balance hanger, and a Bam carbon fiber case with backpack straps.